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Our Nanny Experience of Little Muddy Boots Bracknell, Berkshire

Updated: Jun 28, 2023

Our Nanny Agency was lucky enough to be experience a session at Little Muddy Boots, Bracknell, Berkshire for one morning last week. Take a look at our Nanny Agency experience and review, to see whether you might like to try some sessions with your children or Nanny charges.

As we drove down a country lane, there was a small sign on the side which directed us to park in a space on site. We parked-up, put on our wellies and all in one's and walked into the garden.

We were greeted by the bubbly and friendly Adi, who is the group leader of the Bracknell franchise along with Hannah, the founder of Little Muddy Boots.

We started off with around 15 minutes of 'free play' and the children were able to explore the main garden area. This consisted of a range of pots, pans, whisks, spades, scoops, diggers, cars, a tuff tray with some balls, guttering and petals. There were also some waterbuts which the children could play with too.

Look at the fun experiences we had!

We did have one little person who made the comment of 'there's no mud at the muddy place' and he was right! Besides the floor, the areas were covered in bark and I thought this added texture to the children's play. We attended whereby the day before was pouring down all day, so I was thankful it wasn't too wet and full of puddles; with having a new walker.

After free play, we all joined together and sat round by the circle logs and Adi kindly had some softer padding for the adults to sit on. We spoke about the Spring weather and the children explored different buds and flowers through touch.

Following on from this, we were asked to use our fingers and add some pink blossom to a tree print-out, via finger painting. This little one thoroughly enjoyed himself with this activity (17 months old) and we had lots of smiles!

We were also asked to create a bracelet or watch using some card and double-sided sticky tape. This involved our fine motor skills and pincer grip (EYFS), as we were provided with flowers and we needed to pick these up and stick them onto the double-sided sticky tape. A simple but effective activity.

After, the children were invited to explore the sensory garden and then we returned to sit and have a morning snack over the outdoor camp fire. This included a cup of squash or water and a toasted marshmallow over the fire, sandwiched inbetween two biscuits. We sat and listened to the sounds of nature and watched as butterflies and birds entered the garden. This nicely ended our Nanny Agency experience at a Little Muddy Boots morning session and we said a big thank you to Adi and Hannah.

Further information about Little Muddy Boots including locations, prices, days and times of sessions can be found via their wesbite at

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