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Employing A Nanny & Your Legal Responsibilities


If you employ a nanny within the UK and you pay them more than the National Insurance and Tax thresholds (please refer to Nanny Tax or .GOV for further information) then the law requires you to:

  • Register as an employer with HMRC

  • Keep a payroll record and provide pay slips on their behalf

  • Pay employee’s Income Tax and National Insurance contributions

  • Pay employer’s National Insurance contributions

  • Provide an annual summary of all these deductions and payments

  • Submit information to HMRC

  • As an employer you are also responsible for paying Statutory Sick Pay and Maternity Pay.

  • Always agree a gross wage (Nanny net wage + Tax + NI).

Failure to register as an employer if you are paying your nanny above the weekly threshold is an offence.

Nannies generally do not meet HMRC criteria for self-employment. HMRC may grant nannies self employment if they work in a series of temporary positions (Maternity and Night Nanny roles are usually applicable), or work for three or more families at the same time (in which case she /he would have to register with Ofsted as a child minder).

Little Steps Agency recommends our clients should ensure that any childcarer they employ has current a Public Liability insurance, with a minimum limit of £1M.

For further information on your responsibilities as an employer, please refer to NannyTax and .GOV websites. Contact Little Steps if you are unable to find the information and we will try our best to help you!

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