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Little Steps Nanny and Events Agency

Nanny Registration & Information

Welcome and Thank you for visiting Little Steps Nanny and Events Agency!

If you are a childcare professional seeking a new role or some additional work, Little Steps Nanny and Events Agency can help you find a role which meets your requirements.

We recruit for the following positions:


  • Permanent Nannies

  • Temporary Nannies

  • Event Nannies

  • Maternity Nannies

  • Live-In Nannies

  • Holiday Nannies

  • Emergency Nannies

  • Nanny shares

  • Proxy Parenting

  • Nanny PA’s

  • Norland Trained Nannies

  • Qualified Babysitters

  • Hotel Babysitters

Little Steps Nanny and Events Agency tends to serve the Surrey, Berkshire and Hampshire areas.

We are registered with the ICO - Your personal information is kept safe and secure.

  • A 1:1 Video Interview

  • Little Steps Nanny and Events Agency understands your working hours are often not the usual 09.00 – 17.00 and we try to be as flexible as possible, to conduct interviews outside of these times.

  • Friendliness. 

  • A wealth of knowledge, guidance and assistance throughout every step and a helping hand to answer any queries or worries you may have.

  • Support with interview techniques and questions, employment entitlements, useful information and contracts.

  • Monthly Newsletter

  • Information on local nanny networks.

  • Support to help you further your career and where to look for training opportunities.

  • A reliable, professional and efficient service.

  • Regular contact from Little Steps. We keep you informed and up to date of job vacancies which we feel may be of interest to you.

  • Wedding and Event Nannies are provided with a professional and personalised Little Steps t-shirt. Please ask for further information.

How Do I Register As A Candidate?

Please complete the candidate application form if you are interested in registering with Little Steps Nanny and Events Agency and ensure you complete all aspects of the form.


Our registration is free.

1. Please complete the online candidate application and forward your CV via email after completion.


2. If you are deemed to be successful, then we will progress your candidate registration to the next stage with a follow up email. Your Enhanced DBS will need to be on the government update service, or you will have to complete a new Enhanced DBS, to proceed to the next stage of registration. We will ask for your consent to check your Enhanced DBS on the government update service at this stage and ask for further information including your certificate number, your date of birth and your surname on the certificate.

3. We will arrange a time to meet yourself (currently virtual, due to Covid19) and we will check all of your documents. Please note, we will need to see original copies; photocopies are not accepted.


4. Prior to the interview, I will send you over an email containing a list of original documents to bring with you (or to see) to the interview. 

5. At the interview, we will also have a few childcare related questions to ask you. Please don't be worried, as there are also questions about yourself and this is to gain an understanding of your personality, knowledge and interests. This helps us to see which clients and families we think you would match well with.


6. Once we have verified your documents including directly contacting your references and we have interviewed you, you are good to go! We can begin looking for a role for you and sending you to relevant interviews. Please note, only our fully registered candidates


We will be there offering our support along every step of the way! We even check in on you within your first few weeks of a new role and ensure you are happy and supported.

Follow Little Steps Nanny and Events Agency on Facebook and Instagram, for the latest available roles.

Are You Aware We Have A Blog and Downloads?

We are a Nanny agency with a difference! 


We like to keep our Nannies and Clients up to date with recent news and articles of interest. 

Currently our blog has the following articles to read through:

  • Free CPD Courses for Nannies 

  • How To Enhance Your Nanny CV

  • Local Summer Holiday Outing Ideas

  • Why You Should Not Cover A Pushchair In The Heat!

  • The Importance Of Sleep, Guest Blogger Gemma Axford

Our blog tends to be updated every week to two weeks and sometimes contains offers, competitions and guest bloggers.

Nanny Agency CV Children Childcare Training Blog

Thinking of activities, recipes and ideas to do with your charges? 

Take a look below and download our free ideas and templates.


These are in a simple, easy-to-read and printable format.

Little Steps Agency are supporters of the 'Go Gross' campaign


Our clients roles and vacancies are always advertised in gross, not net.

What is the difference in Gross vs Net?

Gross is the amount an employer pays their employee before any deductions are made. Many people will be familiar with the concept of gross pay as it’s how most industries will discuss a job salary. Net is the amount the employee actually receives each payday after deductions – it is often referred to as ‘take home pay’.


Gross – before deductions (imagine gross is the larger figure of the two)

Net – after deductions (imagine this is what you actually catch in your net to keep and take home)

Why is it better for nannies to agree a Gross salary?

1. Job stability

If the employer has agreed a net salary without budgeting in tax, NI and pension contributions, they may later realise that they can’t afford the nanny.  The employer may rethink their childcare options.

2. Tax-free Allowance

Nannies who agree a gross salary benefit from the tax-free allowance, which usually increases every April. If you were to agree a net wage, it would be the employer would will see the tax saving every April.

3. Easy Comparison

Almost all industries talk in gross terms and so ‘going gross’ will enable nannies to compare salaries more easily. Creating a nannying industry which only talks in gross terms will allow nannies to assess their earning power and consider their career options.

4. Banks and loans

When applying for a mortgage or loan, the lender will ask for evidence of the nanny’s income or payslips. A nanny on a net salary may find themselves in a predicament as the lender will want to see the gross income, not net.

Find out more about both of the current #GoGross campaigns using the link below:

Nalo Nannies Nanny Agency Berkshire Go Gross Campaign
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