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Top Tips To Keep Children Entertained At Weddings From Award Winning Wedding Childcare Agency

Thinking of how to keep your children entertained at Weddings? Why not look into a Wedding Creche or Wedding Nanny?

Wedding Nannies Playing With Children at Wedding Creche
Wedding Creche Entertainment

As the end of August approaches, our dedicated and qualified Wedding Nannies have attended over 70 Weddings and we still have our Autumn and Winter Weddings with little guests to go!

So why don't we ask our Nannies to share their expertise and views with yourself, to inform you what we believe to be the best way to keep children entertained at Weddings.

Tip #1 - Wedding Creche

A dedicated room for children to explore their own fun with a room of professional Wedding Nannies and sustainable, age appropriate and pastel coloured toys, arts and crafts, nap areas and more.

This enables children to dip in and dip out of the day, allowing the grown ups to have a little child free time although have the comfort their little ones are on site, and can be a part of the wedding.

Our Little Steps Wedding Nannies are all in agreement with us on this one!

Tip #2 - 'Kids' Table

Some of our couples have had a 'kids table' in their wedding breakfast and have had Wedding Nannies sit with the children and a bag of goodies.

These goodie bags were bespoke to each child and contained a book, some colouring, some small bubbles, fidget toys and some sweeties.

These are great fillers for times when you would like the children to be entertained, although within the main room. Do think about the size of the bag and whether there will be enough space on the table. Try and remove all packaging where possible prior to placing in the bags, to prevent the table looking untidy and messy.

Wedding Nanny Steph suggests "A bag full of various activities including colouring, stickers, a game, a book"

Tip #3 - Wedding Nanny Top Tip - Snacks!

Our Little Steps Wedding Nanny, suggested 'snacks' as her top tip! Charlotte can not agree more with this comment. Those non - sticky snacks keep the children entertained and quiet at those all important moments throughout the ceremony and wedding breakfast.

Tip #4 - Speak To Your Catering Company

The last thing children like to do or understand, is waiting. They do not yet know why they have to wait for what can be a long period of time, between courses.

Charlotte suggests speaking to your catering company and asking for a cold and easy starter for the children. This would ideally be served at the same time as the children's main meal, to prevent a long waiting time and little people getting wrestless.

Tip #5 - Evening Babysitter

Lastly, if you have accomodation on site, book some Evening Babysitters so your guests can enjoy the celebrations with yourself until the end of your night. You do not want your guests all leaving around 7pm - 9pm as their little ones are getting tired, upset and irritable.

You can learn more about our wedding childcare services on our website.

Click Here to enquire about our Wedding Childcare services, to keep your little guests entertained on your Wedding Day.

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